What we do

Studio ROGUE produces a full spectrum of imagery and video: creative imagery including campaign/advertising and look books, and a full e-commerce service including still-life, model and invisible mannequin.


We are ROGUE.

Rory Gullan’s 1,200 sq.ft. photography studio covering creative and e-commerce imagery and video, producing high-end results for start-up, established and luxury brands, with a full production team and network of creatives at its disposal.

Rory is a fashion photographer with 10 years’ experience, and having led multiple studios across Europe he launched his original RGLDN studio in 2014. In late 2018, Rory acquired a new location and rebranded as Studio ROGUE. Bigger studio, larger team, but still the same attention to detail. We may be ROGUE by name, but we prioritise efficient and consistent processes which have been created and tested in-house by Rory Gullan.

So we play by the rules. Just, our own rules.

Campaign - Advertising - Lookbook

Studio ROGUE and Rory Gullan work with brands internationally creating imagery and video for campaigns, advertising, look books and social media. His work has been seen in print, on the London Underground and on billboards across London. His role in the content production covers not only photography itself but reaches right up to anything including creative direction, shoot planning and fashion film direction.

E-commerce - Product - Still-life

Studio ROGUE provides a full range of e-commerce imagery for use on social media and brand websites, and to date has shot over 50,000 products over a number of years. We provide invisible mannequin photography, product photography on models, still-life and a range of other imagery types all in-house at Studio Rogue. Although we specialise in fashion, Studio ROGUE also regularly provides imagery for food & drink and beauty industries. The studio has a number of stylists, models, makeup artists, and specialists in areas such as set design and food styling in order to enable a smooth-running process for clients.


Includes grid-shots/flat-lays and styled still-life product imagery.


Unrecognisable and recognisable model imagery, with a range of models available for e-commerce shoots.

Invisible Mannequin

Shot and edited in-house and also available as a package with model imagery.