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—  Information about studio ROGUE, the work we do, and how to get in touch

We are ROGUE. Originally launched in early 2014, Studio ROGUE is a creative and e-commerce photography studio owned and run by fashion photographer Rory Gullan.

Rory and Studio ROGUE have ten years’ experience shooting stills and video internationally, and to date have shot over 50,000 e-commerce products for over 300 clients. Clients working with Studio ROGUE benefit from the attention of a single photographer, yet with the resources, production team and network of a larger photography studio.

Studio ROGUE offers a range of creative services primarily in the fashion industry, with a large creative team at its disposal. Studio ROGUE is both a creative photography studio, covering campaign, lifestyle and advertising photography, and also an e-commerce photography studio for invisible mannequin photography, model and still-life. We produce high-end imagery with all editing and retouching in-house, and can offer complete production packages.

Rory started his work in photography while studying Architecture at McGill University, Montreal, and at Glasgow School of Art, and has since built up a large regular international client base with his studio. He has consulted on studio quality control, logistics and workflow, been a guest speaker and participated in a panel discussion and Q&A session.   

He has exhibited numerous times, including for the SBC Galerie d’Art Contemporain in Montreal in 2007. Rory has also donated work by request for permanent exhibition to the Art for Healing Foundation and in June 2011 put on a two-week solo exhibition, This is not Architecture, at The Lighthouse. Rory currently works directly with luxury and small brands, independent fashion boutiques and some of the top model agencies in Europe, and has been represented by a fine arts publisher in NYC.

For updates on what Rory is currently working on, you can follow studio ROGUE on instagram