We’re changing things up...


The newest studio is fully up and running and now we’re looking at bringing more information to the “In the Studio” blog, in order to reveal a much more in-depth look at the behind the scenes running of Studio Rogue. Studio Rogue regularly works with an amazing network of creative talent so we’ll be featuring these people through interviews, regularly posting behind the scenes footage and also simply shouting about things we love.

In designing the new Studio Rogue, we’ve collaborated with textile designers and artists so we’ll be interviewing them and showing you their work in the studio.  We’ll also be doing a live feature while one artist makes some pretty big moves in Studio Rogue.

This year Rory will be directing a film campaign and we will be producing a BTS short to accompany it. We’ll give a full insight into Studio Rogue’s overseas campaigns, one in Spain, and another we’re keeping quiet for now...but already 2019 is looking BIG.

Rory Gullan